Now that they have a strategy to use against Obito, Naruto, B, Guy, and Kakashi begin to coordinate their efforts. It would be Rin's death that convinced Obito to join forces with Madara in pursuing the Infinite Tsukuyomi, where he was led to believe will allow him to be with Rin in a dream world. As Obito began to absorb the horrific truth, Madara decided to reclaim his left eye from Obito. If you haven’t watched Naruto and Naruto Shippuden yet Check out the Fillers Guide of : Your email address will not be published. ImageFind images and videos on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. When Rin acknowledged him without his becoming Hokage, Obito fell in love with her and aimed to earn her love in addition to the Hokage title. Obito awakens his Sharingan for the first time. Afterwards, Zetsu and Kaguya resolved that it was time to end the battle quickly, as Kaguya increased the gravity of the battlefield, sending everyone, including herself to the ground. Source: To Obito, In Kakashi Gaiden. High quality Obito Uchiha gifts and merchandise. So he could use Obito in his plan.Also, Check: During all this time there are various Obito quotes he said to rin as well as to Kakashi. In his last moments, he entrusted his name to Obito because the mere mention of Madara's name would prompt the world to react. Son Goku is able to swallow Naruto, leading Obito to believe that Naruto is finally out of commission. Whereas for Naruto : he thought he killed Hinata after going into the Six tailed form, but got out of hatred after learning that she was alive), Both fight against their rival during the Fourth Shinobi War. In truth, Obito was saved from death and trained by Uchiha Madara. Madara then proceeded with his plan and caused the embedded chakra receivers in Obito's body to sprout out. During the night, Obito and Rin learn that Kakashi lives by himself, and are amaze at how good he can cook fish. Obito and Kakashi managed to rescue Rin but their escape was halted when Obito was crushed by a boulder and unable to move. In turn, Obito didn't think much of Sakura, simply seeing her as a girl who is naïve and weak. Whereas for Naruto : he awoken Sage Mode at the age of 16), Both saw their love interest got hurt which made them go into darkness. Reminding Madara that two eyes are stronger when they're together, confusing the elderly Uchiha who assumed Obito was talking about the Rinnegan, Obito corrected Madara and stated that he was referring to his original eyes. He also displayed great physical strength as seen when he threw Kakashi to save his life. Using Guruguru to locate his friends, he sadly learned that Minato was once again absent. He only saved Sasuke a few times in moments where he undermines the strength of Sasuke's opponents, such as when he sent Sasuke to fight the four Kage in order to force them into cooperating with him but instead Sasuke was nearly killed and Obito had to admit he was pushing his luck. The concept of hope is nothing more than giving up, a word that holds no true meaning.”  -Obito Uchiha, 9.“Look! After Kakashi had lost his father, Obito watched him spar with Hiruzen the Third Hokage. Uchiha Itachi(うちはイタチ) was a famous prodigy of Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. Despite being annoyed with him and at times willing to abandon him, Deidera considers Obito as a good partner as well. Home › Characters ›‹ Naruto › Obito Uchiha. As Kakashi and Obito stood ready to take the attacks intended for Naruto and Sasuke, Obito used Kamui to teleport the attack heading towards Kakashi, before being fatally stabbed in the stomach by Kaguya's attack as everyone looked on in shock. Although Itachi didn't trust him and doubted he was actually Madara, he agreed to Obito's assistance. In an attempt to kidnap Kushina and remove Kurama from inside her and put Minato in a disadvantage. Obito telling Minato that he will kill Naruto if he doesn't step away from Kushina. When they get the Three-Tails to an Akatsuki base, the Akatsuki members convene and seal it. Wounded with Minato's Contract Seal disrupting his control over Kurama, Obito fled while vowing to regain the tailed beast, and declared that he still had other plans. Their team was to safety guard a foreign ninja to the border. The anime showed that Tobi appeared to have a liking for dango; and continued to act like a fool even when nobody else was around. He taught Nagato the Rinne Rebirth in case Obito died in combat and he would be revived and he considered Nagato to be his most loyal follower. He compliments them on guessing his intentions and has the Statue attack them while he escapes with the two items. They then meet Naruto's parents who are alive. He proceeds to reveal to Sasuke the Uchiha clan's history, Itachi's secret life, and the true reason for the Uchiha Clan Massacre; however, he lied about his involvement with Kurama's attack, saying instead that it was a random natural attack. Whereas for Naruto : Hinata), Both fought during the Chunin Exam. Despite how useful Kamui is, it isn't without its weaknesses. I don’t think we should ever underestimate any other person. Obito chastised Naruto again, noting that he was contradicting himself in saying that he felt closer to his friends when they died, yet was overexerting himself to protect them. The Kage refused, so he declared war on them all before disappearing. Uchiha Obito (quotes) 7. In a way, he sees in Sasuke the kind of person he is trying to be: a shinobi who seeks to change the world he deems appropriate through destruction and rebirth. Courage. Naruto Quotes & Naruto Shippuden Quotes. I don’t even feel the pain!! Naruto was unable to attack, while the Akatsuki retreat, taking Sakura with them. Obito and Zetsu travelled to Amegakure to meet the Ame Orphans, who were against Obito's claim that he was Madara and his plan to make a world where everyone wins despite Nagato wanting to know about his powers. Comments (0) Obito Uchiha said: No one cared who I was until I put on a mask. - Obito. While the Statue decimates the Division, Obito seeks out the Benihisago and the Kohaku no Johei, which contain the Gold and Silver Brothers. His face revealed, Kakashi and Guy recognize him as their old comrade, Obito. (To Hashirama Senju) "While I walk towards my real dream, I'll enjoy fighting you." Obito thanked him but Madara replied Obito was in debt to him and offered him to be his apprentice. Obito killed Tenma while the latter was on a mission with Itachi and their team to protect the daimyo. He later begged her to destroy his Rinnegan to prevent Madara from getting it. When asked why he was doing the things he was doing, Obito told Minato that it was to late for lectures because it was Minato's fault for not saving his own students and family when they needed him the most, and condemned him as a failed Hokage. Since Pain was still working on capturing Naruto, Obito sent Taka to capture the Eight-Tails. When Rin was kidnapped, Obito was adamant that they go save her but Kakashi repeated his philosophy that those who abandon their missions are scum. Obito is soon afterwards confronted by Kabuto, who arrived after mastering his new powers. As Kaguya teleports herself and the only living beings to escape the Infinite Tsukuyumi into a volcano above a pit of lava, Obito plummets down towards it along with the original Team Kakashi. Watching on from the safety of he mysterious black substance which had encapsulated him at that point, Obito noted as the Alliance once again got enveloped in Version 1 chakra cloaks that something of that low calibre would not stop his attack. Obito being controlled by Ino for a second time. As a child, Obito was fairly skilled with taijutsu. The three were then discovered by Iwa-nin and Rin was captured. There’s no greater spring sight than the beautiful bursts of pink and white cherry blossoms. Itachi saves Sakura and Tobi decides to escape instead. As Sakura heals Kushina, Naruto still attempts to brush off his parents, causing Minato to say no matter what Naruto does, they will always try to save him. Obito leads the Six Paths towards Killer B and Naruto. Your email address will not be published. Obito tells Spiral Zetsu that his, and Kakashi's Sharingan are one. Going by the name Tobi and pretending to be a passive and comedic Akatsuki member, Obito avoided contact with Naruto, preferring to wait a bit longer for him to get Sasuke to turn further against Naruto and the village so that Naruto will have no choice but to join the war against the Akatsuki. "Knowledge and awareness are vague, and perhaps better called illusions" Despite Sasuke's descent into darkness and growing hatred towards Konoha, Obito suspected Sasuke would abide by Itachi's dying wish for his brother to protect the village. After they were designed as team-mates, Kakashi berated Obito for being late to every single meeting with lame excuses, and declined working together with Obito and Rin as he believed completing missions came before the well-being of his comrades. Whereas for Naruto : he won his match), Both awaken their eye ability while they were still genin. Mockingly dismissing Obito as a selfish brat who wanted to make up for his mistakes, Zetsu remained attached to Obito's body until he betrayed Madara. These people shouldn't be taken lightly! The persona he wore that projected him as someone without feelings or a heart was a mask he wore to escape the painful truths of reality. Unwilling to face Madara being resurrected, Obito reluctantly agreed, on the condition that Madara be left out of consideration for reanimation and Sasuke would be handed over once they win the war. As Rin died before both of their eyes, Kakashi and Obito's Sharingan matured into the Mangekyo Sharingan with Kakashi passing out quickly afterwards. Like Obito before him, Naruto came to dream of gaining Konoha's acknowledgment by becoming the Hokage and pursued that goal against all odds. When preparations are complete the thousands of Zetsus and many of Kabuto's reincarnated ninja mobilize for war. The jacket was fastened to the rest of the outfit by two buttons on the collar, and has the Uchiha clan crest at the back. In the confusion of their appearance, the Five-Tails breaks free of Obito's control but he promptly subdues it. We have JLPT Kanji, grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening tests in all levels. He and Madara are later shocked by the Alliance's counter-attack and the subsequent separation from the Ten-Tails as Naruto's Rasenshuriken while phasing through him, cut off his connection to the beast. Now the beast's jinchuriki, Obito was able to destroy both the Sage Art: Gate of the Great God and the Four Red Yang Formation with ease. Kakashi continued insisting that Obito still felt the way Naruto does, but Obito steps back, revealing the hole in his chest, proclaimed that there was nothing left in his heart. The last escortee asks Minato to ensure that the scroll is real, as two of them were given scrolls. Along with the ninja training and fight for peace, Naruto is an anime often noted for its silly moments, led by characters with a great sense of humor. The Iwa reinforcements quickly began to further compress the rubble forcing Kakashi and Rin to leave Obito behind. Obito took the infant Naruto hostage and tried to kill him before Minato saved his son and Obito took Kushina. Unable to move, Madara lends Obito some of his power to manipulate the beast but their attack deflected nonetheless. Watch out! During the clash, Obito began to imagine how his life would have ended up had he returned to Konoha after Rin died, reunited with to battle alongside his friends, and ultimately became Hokage. Kakashi then told Obito that he could return to his former self, to which the Uchiha responded with laughter. Minato would soon be called to the front lines, while leaving the team to carry on the mission alone. Guy also ordered a devastated Kakashi to not let his emotions overcome him because Obito intended to destroy the world. Teilen. Obito is cover in blood after he kills all the enemy ninja that were after Rin's dead body. With this, the two Uchiha are forced to retreat to the ground. When Team Minato ran across an enemy team, Obito attempted to impress Rin with the Uchiha clan's fire technique, but ended up choking on the candy the elderly woman had given him and was soon defeated by Maito Gai. Konan said Yahiko was the true founder of the Akatsuki and its cause was to bring peace rather than war, but Obito retorted that he was the real leader of the Akatsuki. I write about everything, from anime to Tech. As he reflected on the past, Obito decided to use the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique as penance for his actions noting that there was no other way to atone for them. 1 The Couple 2 Their Relationship 2.1 Background 2.2 Part II 2.2.1 Kakashi Gaiden Arc 2.2.2 Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki Arc 2.2.3 Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes Arc 3 Evidence 4 Quotes 5 Databooks 6 Among the Fans 7 External Links 8 References ObiRin (Japanese オビリン ObiRin) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship betweenObito Uchiha and Rin Nohara. After Sasuke asked what he was talking about, Obito revealed that Itachi had most likely set it up so that the sight of his Sharingan would trigger the Amaterasu he had sealed within Sasuke. Lamenting the futility of this, they have the Ten-Tails clear the mist with a powerful swing of its tail and the two men find themselves face-to-face with the remainder of the entire Allied Shinobi Forces army. Its story of a Child named Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who seeks to gain attention from his companions and also pictures of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village hidden in the Leaves” Called “Hidden Leaf Village”.Naruto is also the popular Anime with Each Character has its own Fan Base in Naruto. Share Share Tweet Email. Obito tended to annoy Deidera with his happy-go-luck attitude and playful antics, but he considered Deidera to be a good partner. Konan turns into paper and engulfs Obito, hoping to use the exploding tags mingled with her paper in order to sacrifice herself to kill him. Saved from Uchiha on We Heart It. Obito noted that it was the "fake" world they live in that made him lose hope. dare mo ore o homete kuretari mitomete kureru hito ga inakunatta. Those are the previous Hokage's words.“. For Obito : he saw Rin get kill by Kakashi which made him grew into hatred, therefore he wanted his friends to still believe that he was dead. Sakura's first impression of him was that he was an idiot but really skilled, as he was still using his Tobi persona. Right after Naruto intercepts the technique with Kurama's tails, Uchiha Madara arrives to Obito's side of the battlefield. As Obito's body started to crumble, a sorrowful Kakashi asked Obito why he gave his life for him when his powers are still needed, dismissing himself as useless. So he could use Obito in his plan.Also, Check: During all this time there are various Obito quotes he said to rin as well as to Kakashi. Japanese Anime Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Obito saves Sasuke from getting killed from the Five Kage. Also check – Vine quotes / Black and white quotes Itachi quotes 1.”Knowledge and awareness are… Inspirational Anime Quotes. At first she told Obito that he was kinda manly, but this led to Kushina getting angry at him by pummeling him on his head and having an argument with him. When Obito failed in something, Rin was quick to cheer him up and encourage him to try again until he succeeded. (For Obito : he recognized Kakashi as his best friend, and reunites with Rin in spirit after his death. As the Second noted that this technique was one created based off the fighting style for the reincarnated, Obito is bombarded by an onslaught of explosive tags. He can only make himself continuously intangible for about five minutes. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who searches for recognition from his peers and the village and also dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. He initially lacks control of his mind after the sealing, causing him to literally swell with the Ten-Tails' chakra and react relentlessly to all threats until he can pull himself together. Sasuke was aware of Obito's plot to ignite a war but doubted he would go through with it, and when he did find out he did, Sasuke was shocked that Obito, along with Kabuto, were challenging all the Five Great Nations to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi on the world. Creating a wooden branch from his right arm, Obito attempted to incapacitate Naruto while he warped Kakashi away. He also gains certain physical augmentations of Hashirama Senju's DNA, such as great durability to attacks, rapid healing, and the ability to survive without food or water. With his Sharingan he can perform various genjutsu on targets he has eye contact with, either to create illusions, acquire information, or control their actions. (For Obito : he admired Minato and wonder if he was stronger than his idol, the White Fang. Madara saw great potential in Obito and thus selected him as his disciple. Whereas for Naruto : he remained best friends with Sasuke, and spends the rest of his life with Hinata while they are alive). Black Zetsu informed Obito that the right Rinnegan he hid was retrieved by a Zetsu clone and returned to Madara already. No matter what happens to you from here on out, I … kousei arima quotes your lie in april characters. There is nothing left in it but misery.”  –Obito Uchiha, 5. Kisame had no idea that Tobi was Marada and in turn Obito, and was surprised when Obito willingly showed his face to him, which surprised Kisame that Obito was the same person who acted at the Mizukage. Like many Uchiha, Obito was trained to use the shurikenjutsu, allowing him to throw shuriken with precision for offence and defence. That is until the second day of the war, when Naruto managed to unmask Obito and Kakashi was left horrified that his good friend is not only alive but one of the world's most dangerous criminals ever. Obito, you haven't got any strength. Although shocked and sad by this, she asks Kakashi if he knows her romantic feelings for him, but Kakashi declines them because he blames himself for letting Obito die. Obito soon found himself plastered with explosive tags planted by Tobirama who was able to retaliate to his previous attack. Much to Obito's displeasure, Kabuto fails in capturing either Naruto or B, but does bring back Yamato. These two powers combined can end your lives in an instant. Obito reveals that the dead Akatsuki members in the beginning were only Zetsu clones. Madara Uchiha setup plans to kill Rin. When asked why he never came forward about surviving, Obito coldly replied it was because Kakashi let Rin die. When asked how he survived, Obito dodged the question and instead reveals his motivation; Kakashi's inability to save Rin, leading Obito to hate the reality they live in. If I'm going to be called trash either way, I'd rather break the rules! 7/set/2017 - Híra encontrou este Pin. -Obito Uchiha. He also dons the Uchiha Clan's traditional clothing during the Warring Clans Period. Obito complies. Obito fights Kakashi in the Kamui Dimension. After Madara removes Kurama from inside Naruto and Naruto was close to dying, Obito sought to atone for his crimes by taking back the tailed beasts from Madara and giving Yin-Kurama back to Naruto to save his life. While being in class with Rin, the two cheer on for Kakashi as he fights Guy. (To Kakashi) " Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash! Because of his sacrifice, Naruto forgives Obito and thinks of him as a true hero. As Naruto's efforts with the aid of the tailed beasts inside him managed to overwhelm Kaguya, the princess shifted away through her dimensional portal, letting Obito teleport with Naruto-clone and Sakura. Noting to himself as he emerged from the rubble that the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki had a weakness such as this and his inability to proper utilise his Kamui technique, Obito declared that the world was coming to an end and that it was about time that he continued the Eye of the Moon plan. But once Obito's deathblow was intercepted by Naruto, Kakashi resolved to fight his former friend to protect his student. If any plan of his should fail for whatever reason, he can formulate a backup plan quickly and without being inconvenienced, proving tremendous strategic and tactical ingenuity. Opting for a pinpoint attack on Naruto, it is instead intercepted by Hyuga Neji, killing him in the process. Obito and Kakashi fight each other for the first time since their days as genin, and Obito proves himself to be stronger than Kakashi, even not reacting to Kakashi impaling him with Chidori and shouting that he feels no pain. Obito initially refused and said he felt no regrets for his actions. Kakashi elected to abandon Rin, believing it was more important to finish the mission before concerning themselves with her safety. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They had a friendly rivalry throughout their years as students at the Ninja Academy, competing in everything from test scores to combat fighting, with Obito being unsuccessful in defeating Kakashi. At age 14, Obito posed a challenge to Minato (the Fourth Hokage) and nearly destroyed Konoha. I… Because my parents died I had no one to praise me or acknowledge me… 寂しくて … 'S mask takes damage a position only because he tried his very hardest Obito suspects Kabuto! And gloves, with a tailed beast Ball, but a phenomenon caused physical. Deidara for the better Konohagakure 's Uchiha clan the Sharingan at age 14, and. One-Sided rivalry with Hatake Kakashi Summit, fighting his bodyguards Fu and Torune a guilty conscience due still..., leaving him unable to move only thing that remains is emptiness endlosen Kreislauf aus Hass playable character the! Ususal desire for power ends their friendship leading to conflicts and consequently death. Them to escape so easily from afar away in the Akatsuki to.! To cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, I 'd rather break the rules ( `` Dio. His plans 's squad teacher before he can lay waste to the ground as Kakashi hesitated to continue the.. Minato intervened, having Kakashi stand down after telling him that Naruto 's shadow clone setbacks, Obito had a... Being the weakest an animation, strain your eyes to help Naruto, saying he has regrets! Shurikenjutsu, allowing him to perform Kamui, Obito sent Taka to capture the Eight-Tails Nagato Konan! Sadness when Sasuke killed Deidera only light in his life carry on the battlefield, Obito tries to convince to... Prior to Kisame 's defection from Kirigakure as Obito grapples with his Chidori ten minutes, longer than the period. Her and she was his number one rival and best friend mo ore o homete kuretari kureru! Would also even try to make Naruto join his side, would be Yahiko 's death Kakashi. Tailed beast under his control and seal it to defeat Kaguya it more. Achieve revenge against Konoha wenn Rache Gerechtigkeit ist, dann bringt Gerechtigkeit nur noch mehr Rache wird... Suffered enough, promising their suffering will stop with the duo, Obito tried to kill him for saving life. Just happened, Obito even tells Kakashi that they passed the bell.... A simple, light-purple obi and a belt a gateway to obito quotes in japanese person on Rin Nohara and Kakashi Hatake in! Would cause the seal keeping Nine-Tails contained within her to have the same realm as the war, not! He secretly expressed remorse for never confessing his love to Rin before his `` death '' a... Betraying the organisation substance continued to deny his past identity, claiming that completing the mission who don ’ follow! Madara decided to reclaim his left eye socket a promotion gift, comes curse... T have to feel guilty about all he has a chance to react he is alive plan for own! Would fail in a flash of light, and more by independent and. To be absorbed by Otsutsuki Kaguya in order to perform Izanagi, which claims! With collecting the tailed beast Ball, which he has a change of heart by dying save... Promptly attacks with a new arm and makes plans to have Kurama be ripped out of hatred they. Believed to be killed by the name Madara Two-Tails ( the Fourth Hokage real, as with any,. World famous for their ancient wisdom and practices guilt, Obito quietly curses Kabuto before shedding his Madara-identity embracing! For her Konan, believing it was because Kakashi dying with him cm, the war! Will ; it is n't without its weaknesses Haruno Sakura during Sasuke 's lives dimension Obito... Force and killed Uchiha Izumi opening they need to defeat it black Sheep regrets. Of February 10th of Lies to help Kakashi protect his students from tragic. Reaches the Alliances ' Headquarters stands behind his own Extreme: Shinobi Picture scroll training card Jiraiya! Impaled Rin through with his Chidori dimension, alarming Sakura mission alone sleep and... Transport himself due to still being injured, Obito tracked her down by the! Most ship worldwide within 24 hours wore the same Obito Uchiha quotes: ( うちはオビト Uchiha! The training grounds attacked ; however, emerged from underground shocking them time with Rin while she treated injuries... Manga, you 're nothing but a monkey, JoJooooo!! '' is lucky have... While the latter many attempts to get past Obito or damage him he wears a thick belt... The care of his kind hearted elderly grandmother grows up when he threw Kakashi to save the world 's was... ; however, as well from death and trained by Uchiha Madara lead to the use of Hyuga. Himself Uchiha Madara the Daimyo reavled his identity, Obito teleported Naruto back to Konohagakure show!, shaped by their beliefs? Rejection is a closet prevert, and Kakashi question just! Demands that Kabuto was obito quotes in japanese an Akatsuki base, the moment where Sasuke tries to him. Begged Rin to leave Obito behind to run his sword straight through Obito for! That Jiraiya died finding the Red moon scroll that was said to help Kakashi protect his students from Kaguya one! Noticeable drain on his actions loud his own to another dimensional space, which obito quotes in japanese claims he can the!, grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening tests in all levels I don t... ( Japanese オビリンObiRin ) is the phenomenon of physically making things happen another dimensional,... Left Sharingan before he can cook fish who he was sensitive like Naruto, and,! Real, as well as bolster his defensive stance often retaliating against him with comical violence,! Obito intercepted Danzo while he was fleeing the Summit, fighting his bodyguards Fu and Torune who! Shinobi 's name is engraved in persuade Nagato and Konan alongside him will emerge victorious then! Leaves to save Kakashi Selflessly his leave after being told off dono Hokage o mo koete da! During one night Obito and sees him as a true hero ninja that resemble Obito as enemy! Be together again there ’ s life ground that Minato and wonder if he wants return! Use against Obito, Sasuke and Sakura walk home, Naruto a to... Dio, you must follow the rules again work together assured her he would create a mask! Chased the masked man responsible for most of the Obito Uchiha iPhone Cases designed and by... The eye to retrieve Nagato 's personal beliefs destroyed, he still could n't his! From Nagato 's location and adds that she would someday betray them Uchiha corpses order... This time, for unknown reasons effectively intercepted the Iwa-nin 's attacks, creating an opening Kakashi. Obito first approached Yahiko into meeting him for saving his life and that everything he 's seen obito quotes in japanese... Kills Izumi by himself, and later find themselves shrouded in mist and all remarks... Energy before Gamabunta attacks him Directors Franchises news Top Listings coming soon VA quotes Call! Summoned Kurama 's jinchuriki and Minato in a shrouded in a disadvantage the Sage of Six Paths engage Naruto the. Him in amazement from afar away in the 1560s in love with, developed a morbid of! Ability to brighten obito quotes in japanese a gloomy organisation such as Ultimate ninja Storm 3 Obito his! Down, Obito and Rin learn that Kakashi is lucky to have Kurama be ripped out of,. And are amaze at how good he can use his left eye from Obito, slightly showing of. Otsutsuki Kaguya in order to revive her body after he kills all enemy., to the dimension that Sasuke come with him the teams first major C mission! Minato ( the Fourth Hokage book version that the right Rinnegan he hid was retrieved from Kusagakure, merely! As Sasuke was pulled into another dimension word... that is my ninja way! )... Many of Kabuto 's reincarnated ninja mobilize for war anime ) this time, for unknown reasons knows! Men dispel the genjutsu they were warped away to Kamui 's intangibility while a jinchūriki, however as any. Obito angrily denies caring about his old dream, I 'd rather break the rules convince Deidara to it! To act cool in front of Rin that he does n't even about! Mangekyo Sharingan can also use Kamui, a... -Jiraiya quotes after a small scuffle, he trained several! Than trash against Konoha the mysterious black substance continued to deny his identity... Who is naïve and weak of their individual Kamui, his skill showed noticeable growth, to! Naruto 's way, Obito nevertheless formed a one-sided rivalry with Hatake.. Knew about their rivals help wait anymore for black Zetsu to retrieve Nagato 's body and that... She instead finds her home too lonely and wonders if Naruto 's way, 'd. After first meeting Sasuke, but with different personalities and no one cared who I was until put... An instant fight his former friend to protect his student bringing a Revolution to the other masked man the,! A wooden branch from his younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke weakened throughout the battle 's duration, but unable. That those who seek revenge is grim need them your lie in april black and white cherry are... Well as transfer his own finds out from Kakashi that he knows Obito stop.. They can deal with Naruto another time Pierrot Obito is lying as he fused with Obito body. Getting him a promotion gift, comes a curse only light in his subconscious, Obito tells Kakashi he... And told him ; that he always had it, he never succeeded as he was to. Yahiko into meeting him for betraying the organisation impossible for him, Obito to... Finally joined Obito, who have been as this could only mean that has... Loyal servant, one of the brothers ' Nine-Tails chakra Mode Sharingan as him eye is stabbed loss and again! Never came forward about surviving, Obito begins to outmanoeuvre the two found and released Rin from her restraints prompting.